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Coral Reef Island

your purchase directly contributes

to ocean conservation

$1 from every bottle sold is donated to Reef Life Foundation.

Current donations are restoring reefs in St.Maarten in the Caribbean

in an area that has been affected by Hurricane Dorian.


The Reef Life Foundation is dedicated to coral reef restoration and works alongside other organizations to develop technologies (like IntelliReefs) that allows reefs to grow the same amount in a few years that would otherwise take up to a hundred (and to be more resistant to external threats as well).⁣


According to the World Wildlife Fund, coral reefs support 25% of all marine species on the planet, despite only occupying 0.1% of the ocean’s surface area. They are the start of several bigger food chains within the ocean, protect vulnerable coastline from erosion, provide food and jobs for hundreds of millions of people, create tourism, and of course provide beautiful underwater worlds to explore. ⁣

The ocean’s coral reefs are currently under threat from various sources including overfishing and destructive fishing, pollution, warming, and ocean acidification. And 20% of all reefs have been destroyed irreversibly with an additional 24% in risk of collapse.⁣

From the ocean. for the ocean.

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