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Our Product

Unlike other salt sprays, Salty Hair is brewed using real sea water in Nova Scotia to best replicate the ocean’s natural effects.

how it's made

naturally-sourced and silicone free


Full Ingredient List: Seawater (filtered & concentrated), Glycerin, Aloe Vera Extract, Flax Seed Extract, Algae Extract, Bamboo Extract, Lemon Juice, Seaweed Extract, Germaben II (preservative)


collect, filter and

concentrate sea water

Sea water is collected from three beaches around Nova Scotia and then filtered through a 3-step filtration device that includes ceramic and charcoal filters. It is then boiled down and concentrated to increase the voluminous effect that the ocean salt has on your hair.


add moisturizing

plant-based ingredients

While the water is still hot, seaweed and flax seed are stirred into the product to extract the plant-based gels (aka our secret ingredient). The mixture is then cooled before aloe, bamboo extract, algae extract and lemon juice is added.

add a preservative and

fragrance oil for scented sprays

By sticking to a completely water--based product, we avoid the use of additional mixing ingredients. Preservatives keep the product safe for use--if one wasn’t added it would only last a few weeks (trust me--I tried). For the coconut-scented sprays, a dash of coconut fragrance is also added.

bottle in environmentally

friendly glass

As an environmentally-conscious company, Salty Hair is intentionally bottled in glass rather than plastic. Glass is recycled on a much wider scale and does not persist in the marine food chain. We also show love to our planet by donating a portion of proceeds to protecting endangered coral reefs.   

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