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Ingredients & Packaging

Our focus on natural ingredients means your hair gets that salty, beachy texture you love without the crunchy dryness that often comes with other salt sprays.

Over 80% real salt water sourced from the Atlantic Ocean

Collected from one of three beaches in Nova Scotia, we then filter it through our proprietary 3-step filtration device, and concentrate it to maximize the salt content --  giving you the salty hair texture you’d expect after a day at the beach.

Plant-based gels add moisture and texture

Including flax and seaweed, we extract the thickening and moisturizing properties which provide you with great texture, volume, and moisture.

Available in unscented or coconut

Choose to smell like the beach, or like nothing at all!


Environmentally-friendly packaging

Salty Hair sea salt spray is intentionally bottled in glass rather than plastic. Glass is recycled on a much wider scale and does not persist in the marine food chain. The blue bottle and Salty Hair logo also look great on your bathroom shelf!

Full Ingredient List: Seawater (filtered & concentrated), Glycerin, Aloe Vera Extract, Flax Seed Extract, Algae Extract, Bamboo Extract, Lemon Juice, Seaweed Extract, Germaben II (preservative)

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