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When Mike first started developing Salty Hair, his goal was to bottle up that just-took-a-dip, salty, beachy hair texture and volume. So why not start exactly there? And that's what he did. But as it turns out, pure ocean water in a spray bottle did not make for an effective product.

So he got to work. Mike used his engineering background to figure out a way to filter the water, and then concentrate it to make it so Salty. Then he added plant-based ingredients including seaweed, bamboo and flax, extracting their thickening and moisturizing gels so the spray nourishes and hydrates hair, despite its high salt content. And Salty Hair sea salt spray was born: a surf-inspired beachy-hair sea salt spray made using real salt water and other naturally-sourced ingredients.

But as production increased, it became clear that the process needed optimization to help scale the business. So this engineer looked for assistance from other engineers -- and partnered with Dalhousie University's Engineering Capstone course. Over the course of an academic year, four students explored ways to filter and concentrate salt water and decrease production time. Their results brought fresh eyes to a Salty problem!

Read the full article from Dalhousie Engineering's magazine.

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