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Surf-Inspired, Naturally-Sourced Sea Salt Spray

Get the beachy hair texture you want, without the dryness.
The only sea salt spray made with real ocean water.

Made with crisp, cool, filtered water from the Atlantic Ocean and made in Nova Scotia, our focus on natural ingredients means your hair has that salty ocean texture you love, with added plant-based moisture extracted from seaweed, flax, and bamboo.

Get beachy, salty hair texture year-round.

Salty Hair Sea Salt Spray

  • Adds texture, light hold, and volume

  • Effortless styling

  • For all hair types & lengths

  • Sulfate-free

  • Cruelty-free

  • Scent-free or Coconut

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 7.26_edited.jpg

How to Use

You’ll love the effortless, beachy hair look – no matter your hair type or length.


Use it on its own or with additional products to get the beachy texture without sacrificing the hold that comes from pastes, gels or clays:


  1. Shake bottle well

  2. Spray onto dry or damp hair (from roots to ends)

  3. Work into hair using hands

  4. Air dry or blow dry with a diffuser


  • For long hair: try scrunching hair or twisting strands with fingers to create the wavy beach look.

  • For short hair (or when more hold is needed): first apply a paste or clay to give more hold, and then spray Salty Hair after to give your hair beachy texture and volume.

Got a stuck sprayer? 

Because we use such high concentrations of real sea salt water in our spray, the bottle sprayer can occasionally clog up with sea salt. If this happens to you, just soak the sprayer for a few minutes in warm water to release the salt and you’re good to go. 

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