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Why We Made Salty Hair

Hey, I'm Mike Petrosoniak: Ocean Enthusiast, Chemical Engineer and Founder of Salty Hair

Salty Hair began as a pipe dream, back in the summer of 2010.

I grew up on lakes in cottage country Ontario, but it wasn't until I spent a summer teaching sailing in the Bahamas when I fell in love with the ocean. Especially the effect it had on my hair.

I tried well-known sea salt sprays but the effect wasn’t the same, and they left my hair feeling dry and brittle with repeated use.


I knew I had to figure out a way to bottle up that Salty feeling.


I dove into product development after moving to Halifax. After perfecting the formula – a naturally-derived sea salt spray using real, filtered and concentrated water from local beaches plus moisture-enhancing and thickening plant-based ingredients – Salty Hair sea salt spray was created.


Feedback from the start was more than positive and gave me the momentum to keep going. Stylists, barbers, and customers noted they loved the increased volume, waviness and thickness it gave to their hair. They even tested it against other well-known salt sprays and agreed that Salty Hair left them with a better texture overall.

Keep it Real. Keep it Salty.

Mike Petrosoniak, Founder of Salty Hair Sea Salt Spray
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