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A bottle of coconut-scented Salty Hair Sea Salt Spray sitting on a sandy beach in Nova Scotia

Sea Salt Spray

The only sea salt spray made with real salt water.

You'll feel like you just took a dip in the ocean.


made in nova scotia

canada's ocean playground

Made with crisp, cool water from the Atlantic Ocean and bottled in Nova Scotia, our focus on natural ingredients means your hair gets the salty ocean texture you love, but without the dryness you get from most sea salt sprays.


And because we're all ocean lovers here, $1 from every bottle purchased goes towards rebuilding reefs in endangered areas around the world.


made with real

salt water from beaches in

Nova Scotia


plant-based ingredients add moisture & thickness


supports coral reef restoration worldwide

"We absolutely LOVE this sea salt spray by Salty Hair. It gives great texture and volume while keeping a very natural look. Try it out when you're in next."

Travis C., Saint Lou's Barbershop Halifax

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Keep it Real. Keep It Salty.

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